Becoming part of our family.

Here at FBCAC, we consider church membership as just that - members of one family.

But rather than blood-line or legal relationship, we see all members of the body of Christ as potential members of our local family. Yes, we do have denominational distinctives that direct and guide how we fellowship, worship, pray, etc. However, we also don't "major on the minors." Therefore, we welcome all brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter their denominational background, who are willing, in likewise manner, to lay down the more minor issues in order to join our family as we unite around the Great Confession (Matthew 16:16) in order to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Becoming a member at FBCAC is an "organic" and biblically-based process in which prospective members get to the know the church, what we're about, how we do ministry, and who our people are, as well as us getting to know the prospective members. Ultimately, the only pre-requisite for church membership is a salvific expression of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, followed by baptism by immersion.

To get a glimpse of how we see church membership, please click here to view our Church Membership Covenant. The covenant signifies the promise that individual members are making to be committed to our church family as an extension of their commitment to follow Jesus and all that Scripture has to say about the attitudes and actions pertaining to Christian living (John 14:15).   All members are asked to read, understand, sign, and follow the covenant as the Lord leads through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is in no way some form of legalistic control, but rather the acknowledgement that the Bible places significant importance on church membership, and we will reflect that reality in the life of our church.

For more information, please click below to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.